Tax Law

New Jersey Tax Law

For our clients with personal or business tax matters, our tax lawyer offers expert legal assistance. The experienced tax lawyer at our New Jersey law firm can provide a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation and a variety of options for resolving your tax issues.

Our tax lawyer represents and assists clients in a variety of income tax matters from IRS tax audits, unpaid taxes, tax return preparation, tax court proceedings and IRS negotiations. Our tax lawyers in New Jersey understands the complicated federal income tax laws and IRS procedures and can help you resolve your tax issues the most effective way possible.

If you are getting ready for an IRS audit, our tax lawyers will work in conjunction with your accountant to prepare your financial records and evaluate your deductions for the year in question. If after your audit the IRS concludes that you owe them unpaid taxes, our attorneys may be able to negotiate the taxes due by submitting an offer in compromise to the IRS or through alternate means.  Our tax attorneys may also be able to negotiate payment of your back taxes through the creation of an installment payment agreement to make it easier for you to get up to date on your taxes.

If you are concerned about unpaid taxes, filing your income tax return, or an upcoming IRS audit, the tax lawyers at our New Jersey firm can help. Contact our offices and schedule your free initial consultation.

Our tax attorneys is also involved in working with attorneys at our New Jersey firm in other areas of law involving taxes, such as bankruptcy, divorce (equitable distribution and alimony), child support and business law cases.

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Due to the complexity of tax laws we advise you or your company to contact the tax lawyers at our New Jersey firm. During your free initial consultation our lawyers will discuss your situation with you and advise you about taking your next step. You have options when it comes to resolving your tax issues – let our tax lawyers help you formulate the best plan for turning around your financial situation.