NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer

NJ Bankruptcy Lawyer

For our clients involved in bankruptcy matters in the personal or business arena, our dynamic bankruptcy team offers expert legal guidance. The bankruptcy attorneys and financial specialists at our New Jersey law firm provide a comprehensive assessment of your financial situation and a variety of options for resolving your issues:

Bankruptcy and Alternatives

The bankruptcy attorneys at our New Jersey firm can provide the following services to help lower your interest rates, make payments more manageable, and eliminate or restructure your debt:

  • Budget management
  • Credit counseling
  • Debt consolidation
  • Refinancing
  • Creditor Negotiations
  • Bankruptcy Filing

Our attorneys help both individuals and businesses explore their financial and legal options when faced with the possibility of bankruptcy. We can advise you on the best course of action.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the help of our attorneys allows both individuals and businesses to pay off an unlimited amount of debt over time. By presenting a structured three to five year payment plan to the court detailing how the debts will be repaid, debtors may move forward with resolving their finances  without accruing interest on the funds they owe. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is ideal for individuals and companies that have a steady income and do not want to lose non-exempt property under Chapter 7. Our bankruptcy attorneys in New Jersey will assess your finances and debts, negotiate with your creditors and restructure your debt so that repayment is feasible.

Chapter 7 Personal Bankruptcy

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with the assistance of our attorneys allows for some debts to be discharged while allowing the debtor to maintain exempt assets such as their home, vehicles and retirement accounts.  Most often, our New Jersey bankruptcy attorneys help individuals file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy when they are unable to pay off debts due to lack of income and/or the lack of other resources.

Chapter 11 Corporate Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 is similar to Chapter 13 in that it allows businesses to reorganize their debt and pay it off with continuing income.  Unlike chapter 7, which would force the company to cease business and close, Chapter 11 allows the company to remain in business and try to turn around its financial situation. Our bankruptcy attorneys in New Jersey help businesses that are in debt take the opportunity to reassess their finances and creditor obligations and make strides toward resolving their debt. Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows for the most flexibility of the bankruptcy chapters and is most often the preferred bankruptcy filing for businesses.

Contact Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Today

Due to the complexity of bankruptcy law, we advise you or your company to contact one of the bankruptcy attorneys at our New Jersey firm. During your consultation our lawyers will discuss your situation with you and advise you about making your next step, which may be filing for bankruptcy, negotiating your debt with creditors, or another alternative plan. You have options when it comes to debt and bankruptcy – let us help you formulate the best plan for turning around your financial situation.